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Chef and Kitchen



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About the profession.

Commercial chefs plan and organize the preparation and cooking of food in restaurant and catering establishments.

Requirements for your skills assessment.

All requirements for your accreditation with Vetassess are as follows:

  • For VETASSESS it is crucial to have 6 years full-time (or part-time equivalent) paid experience, 12 months of which were completed in the last 3 years.

  • Completed training: no formal training.

  • Letterhead and armed references (with hours, duties, position and salary).

  • Evidence of payment.

We know the requirements can be confusing if you are just starting out. Don't hesitate to take our free professional profile assessment to find out the details that apply to you specifically.

You can also schedule a personalised consultation to discuss your requirements in detail.


Step by Step.

To start your skills assessment hand in hand with our SkillsPRO methodology we will perform:

  1. Validation of your professional title. Your occupation must be in the SOL (skilled occupation list) and in the ANZCO. We can do this together in your specialized consultancy with our experts.

  2. Work experience. We will thoroughly review your work letters and, if necessary, adjust them to meet VETASSESS requirements. In addition, we will provide you with guidance on all the supporting documents you need to submit.

  3. SkillsPRO Plan. According to your objectives and needs we can offer you 3 plans of accompaniment that will adjust to your needs, you can learn more details:

4. Consulting. Your process is unique and personalized, which makes our commitment to support you vital. You will have hours of consulting for the detail of your process and to clear your doubts.

5. Satisfaction guarantee until the end of the process. Thanks to our methodology everything will be covered with the most crucial details of your application and thus guarantee the success of your accreditation, we will accompany you until you obtain your Outcome Letter.

If you have any further questions about the process do not hesitate to contact our experts at

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