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Who accredits their degree with VETASSESS?

VETASSESS is a recognized entity for assessing skills and qualifications across a variety of professions, ranging from professional and specialist candidates to skilled trades workers in their areas. While it covers various fields, it is particularly relevant for those who have verifiable work experience in their field over the last 5 years.

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VETASSESS recognizes more than 350 occupations across various professional and trade disciplines.

For this process, you do not need an English language test to submit your skills assessment, but you must be able to verify your work experience. Everything will depend on the profession that fits your profile.

How do we help you at SkillsPRO?

We evaluate and optimize your professional profile.

We develop a unique strategy tailored to you.

We guarantee the attainment of your Outcome letter.

Choose the ideal plan for you!

Discover our plans designed for your skills assessment in Australia.

What does the plan include?

Access to the SkillsPRO RESOURCE LIBRARY
Detailed review and optimization of all your required documents (academic and work).
Follow-up meetings to evaluate progress.
NAATI translation of your basic documents
Support with account creation and online application.
Delivery in 2 weeks after receiving the documentation.
Ongoing email support
Satisfaction guarantee. Until you receive your Outcome letter!

Evaluate your professional profile completely free!

Take the evaluation of your professional profile and find out here if you meet all the requirements to start the accreditation process with Engineers Australia.

Easy, fast, and free!

Let's discuss your options together!

Our experts will be available to accompany you in making your decisions and customizing your strategy to begin the skills assessment.

Schedule a personalized consultation!

See personalized details about your professional profile
You can take it as many times as you need
Session time: 45m
Meet with professionals active in the workplace. They have already completed their skills assessment!
You will receive a personalized report of recommendations so that you can complete your accreditation successfully.
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