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The 5 most common mistakes when presenting your skills assessment with VETASSESS. Don't let it happen to you!

Do you want to submit your skills assessment application with VETASSESS to migrate to Australia? If so, it's crucial to avoid certain mistakes that could delay the process, increase costs, or worse, lead to a rejection of your application. Keep reading and learn about the five most common errors you should avoid:

1. Not including relevant qualification documents.

  • There are certain regions of the world that require additional documents for qualifications, such as China, Europe, the Philippines, and Lebanon. Therefore, you must ensure you have all the necessary documents to submit your application according to your occupation and any agreements your country may have with the Australian government.

2. Submitting an incomplete application.

  • Often, VETASSESS does not receive documents covering a particular period of employment or supporting the completion of a qualification. You must provide evidence of payment for all periods of employment and formal academic qualifications related to your occupation, not just the most recent ones.

If you want to know if you meet all the requirements that your professional profile needs to be accredited with this entity, you can take a free test here.

3. Assuming that an occupation is evaluated only by the title of the occupation.

  • It is essential to understand the requirements of your occupation in Australia, as they may vary between countries. This is determined by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). It is important to read the ANZSCO definition and tasks before submitting your application, so you can understand the importance of the ANZSCO definition and the required skill levels.

4. Not having sufficient employment duration when submitting an application.

You need at least one full year of employment within the last five years from the date of application submission with VETASSESS. Remember that experience is highly important for your skills assessment with this entity.

5. Submitting a priority processing application for a second or subsequent application when your first application was rejected.

You should know that Priority Processing is only available to applicants who have not received a negative outcome for the nominated occupation, or for those wishing to renew an application that has been assessed positively previously for both employment and qualifications, or for those applying for an assessment for a new occupation.

Speed up your Skills Assessment application in Australia and increase your chances of success with SkillsPRO! Avoid delays, unnecessary expenses, and setbacks.

Are you afraid of making mistakes in your Skills Assessment application with VETASSESS? Are you worried that your record may not be solid enough?

At SkillsPRO, we offer the Gold Plan, a comprehensive solution to ensure your application is processed quickly and smoothly:

  • Personalized advice: Our experts will review your case in detail and provide you with the necessary guidance to submit a complete and error-free application.

  • Proven methodology: We have developed an effective system that has produced successful results in more than 300 professional and commercial occupations.

  • Maximize your chances of success: We will guide you to obtain a favorable outcome letter and achieve your professional goals in Australia.

Don't waste time or money on avoidable mistakes!

Schedule your personalized consultation today: specialized advice

Additional benefits of SkillsPRO:

  • Peace of mind and security: You will have the assurance that your application is in the hands of experienced professionals.

  • Time and money savings: You will avoid reprocessing and additional expenses due to errors in your documentation.

  • Access to updated information: We will provide you with the latest information on Skills Assessment requirements in Australia.

Take control of your professional future and take the first step toward success with SkillsPRO!

Best of luck with your application!

Marketing Team | Entrelingo

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